Student Success

Does AAC make a difference?

Approximately 8,000 CSU students are eligible for AAC each year who are from low income and/or first generation backgrounds or are students with disabilities. Institutional data shows that in comparison to the entire CSU population, first generation and lower income students have lower rates of retention and graduation, lower GPA's and take fewer credits per semester. The most dramatic difference is in the 5-year graduation rates. For instance, in the Fall of 2000, the five year graduation rate for all University students who entered as freshmen was 57%; for low-income and first generation students who entered as freshmen, it was 28%.

Participating in the Academic Advancement Center can provide holistic support to a student who may not be fully integrated into the campus community because they are first year students or transfer students who don't have family members with college experience.  Still, other students may not  know where to find applicable resources to help them be successful such as tutoring information or support through campus partner offices like Assistive Technology or the Student Diversity Program & Services Offices.  

​Comparisons of academic data have consistently shown that as a group, students who participate in the Academic Advancement Center do as well as the general CSU population, and usually better. The AAC 6-year graduation rate (73%) often exceeds that of the general CSU population (65.2%). The latest data set was the 2007-2008 academic year. 

In addition, new freshmen who use services at Academic Advancement are retained to their third semester at higher rates than their peers. For example, compared to 82% of all CSU freshmen, and 80% of other low-income, first-generation freshmen, from 83% to 91% of AAC students who entered CSU as first-time freshmen each fall are still enrolled the following fall, their third semester.

Yes, AAC does make a difference. Those who actively participate at AAC do well academically are more likely than other CSU students to graduate with their bachelor's degree.